Refers to somebody cheating on a partner; not satisfied with a partner; booty call; Friend with benefits on the side.
"His current lady isn't enough and he wants some fries with that. He's total cheating scum."

"Girl, you make me want some fries with that!"

"I'd never get fries with that, baby, I'm faithful to you."
by meaganyall April 6, 2009
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Kevin - " I'm mad at you you"
Kayla - " you want some fries with that salt"
by coolcowgab April 18, 2016
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A frequently used question when you trying to get something for free at a fast food restaurant,technically fries or anything else
Rob:"Lemme get a triple stacker and a large soda"
Girl:ya total is 3.50
Rob:"Chu gon throw some fries on dat ma?"
Girl:(sneaks fries into bag)
Rob:"iight i fucks!"
by 3mm3t July 11, 2008
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This would be used in a situation where an individual with a good behind is walking in front of you, "shaking" their ass. By asking if they want fries with that, you're asking if they want to have intercourse, where the fry is meant to simbolize a dick.
Vicky: Alright, I'll see you later John.
Vicky turns around and starts walking away.
John: Would you like some fries with that shake?
by Saturn1130 March 16, 2016
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a secret code at mcdonalds in urban places that means "hook me up wit some nuggets or sumthin' nigga."
employee: heres yo food
customer: ayyye nigga can i get some fries wit dat?
employee: yea, hold up nigga
by jaybe October 23, 2006
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