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A frequently used question when you trying to get something for free at a fast food restaurant,technically fries or anything else
Rob:"Lemme get a triple stacker and a large soda"
Girl:ya total is 3.50
Rob:"Chu gon throw some fries on dat ma?"
Girl:(sneaks fries into bag)
Rob:"iight i fucks!"
by 3mm3t July 11, 2008
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A medium sized marijuana plant that has not yet budded
Dude:"Damn he cute"
Other Dude:"I know he bout to get big as shit,ooohh im on it"
Fiend out bull:"hurrry up and roll the dutch"
Dude:"what are you talking aint we aint even smoking"
fiend out bull:"oh,what are we doing?"
by 3mm3t July 11, 2008
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A fatass
its funny when you first start using it then your fat friends get really mad
Em:"yo look at butter over there that nigga fat as shit"

Alex:"I want another hotdog"
Alex:"Yo shut the fuck up!I thought guys are my friends,friends arent supposed to do that"Alex crys like a little bitch
by 3mm3t July 11, 2008
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