Refers to the area that is south of Market Street (hence, "soma") in San Francisco, CA. Once strictly a gritty industrial neighborhood, the area has maintained the grit while developing into a thriving nightclub and residential/work-live loft area. Was also the location of many failed dot-com companies and is still home to a number of gay bars.
If you're looking for booty, check out My Place and the Powerhouse in soma.
by pointdexter81 September 25, 2003
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A drug used in ancient Persian and Hindu cultures that was taken to induce a hallucinogenic euphoria. It was used as both a recreational substance and in religious rituals.

Few specifics are known about the drug itself other than it was a plant that was used in it's natural or liquified form.

Most historians believe soma to be an ancient Marijuana, Psychedelic Mushroom, or something in that neighborhood.

Habib: Let's go to the Vedic Temple.
Ishtar: Why? It's not even a day of worship.
Habib: Because man, they just got a batch of good soma.
Ishtar: Oh yeah, we'll be buzzin' like flies after a few hits of that stuff.
by XG-Raven May 10, 2007
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A small time,SouthSide gang from Somerton, Arizona. Known as SG13, VSG13, or Soma13.
barrio soma gang riffa y controla
by bigblunts November 05, 2007
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S - stoned
O - off
M - my
A - ass
by moon August 03, 2004
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in biology, a word that refers to the body of a neuron(nerve cell). it contains the nucleus.
the dendrites of the neurons receive signals and pass it onto the soma, which in turn passes it onto the axon.
by L-o-l-a January 13, 2006
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You and your partner indulge in splendorous sex which was so good that you and your partner both need to lay down and go into a sex coma. (AKA soma)
"We had such great sex last night the Soma lasted until this morning!"
by FlyingTurdNinja March 07, 2013
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Mike: You must have your blinders on not to see that.
Jim: soma
by YourCrohnie March 30, 2010
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