A total fat spoiled fuck. This person is known for their disrespect to elders and is the least bit of a human. This person is usually associated with private school children and is spoiled from the start. This person may also think they have a vast medical knowledge, in the most severe cases correcting veteran doctors.
Example 1:
Doctor: Well Jared it seems you have a growing obesity problem.
Jared: Well actually doctor it seems that i have a slight case of hypertension cause delayed blood flow in physical activities This is why I'm slightly above the weight average in fat ass people. You are clearly wrong doctor it is a complete misdiagnosis
Doctor: AXON!

Example 2:

Dad: Marshall you've been taking my mercedes and credit card haven't you?
Marshall: Yo dad chill out bear (degrading nickname for adult)
Dad: How do you expect me to "chill" when you're going to crash my car....
Marshall: Errrrrrrrrr i don't know my landscaping business?
Dad: AXON!

Example 3:

Brothers: Yo someone broke the engine on the boat and left it covered in bear bottles and two week old bait.
Marshall: Well why didn't you pussies clean it up before mom and dad found it.
Brothers: Its hard to hide it when you're house has rotten shrimp in it and it smells like an asshole.
Marshall: You guys are fag nerds and will never have a party there now.
Brothers: You also burned holes in every seat in the car.
Marshall: Errrr.. pussy
Brothers: (in unison) AXON!
by Squidassmotha March 17, 2009
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A dsl for applications that are impossible to refactor
The axon framework never really made the leap from pretty pictures to usefulness
by Martin Flower November 22, 2011
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A very clever guy but he can’t be asked to do school and work he loves fifa he has lots of bantz
by Knitya December 08, 2017
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axon is a source which every skidded exploit uses. axon was deobfuscated from axon exploit long time ago.
leeches has a million copies of this on their pc and uses it for every purpose.

the best form of axon is half, lua-c execution.
project cocaine uses axon in all his shittiest rocock exploits and sells it for 1000000$ XDDDDD
by Guy King March 21, 2019
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A bitch, Cant stand up for himself and is racist and homophobic. Hes a gay fag and has nothing to do with his life. He argues with people who are stronger than him. (AKA ME EHEHEH) and is for some reason tall asf
Person 1:Axon is such a nimrod.
Person 2:Agreed.
by 0urfai September 27, 2021
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The Axon Theory is kind of the video game versions of Jupming the Shark and Nuking the Fridge, it means that a Video Game series that has gone into major crappy meltdown.
Mortal Kombat Armageddon was the lameest 7th sequel to hit the video game shelves because of the lame fataitlies they have < so I considered this as a part of "The Axon Theory". I also name this word after one of the hoverboards in "Unreal Tournament 3".
by Mikekal August 27, 2009
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