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Solangelo is the ship name of wonderful pairing of Nico di Angelo and Will Solace. Both characters are from the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan. There relationship was not established until "The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus" where it's clear they have mutual romantic feelings for each other.
Omg did you read The Blood of Olympus?

Yeah, I ship Solangelo hardcore.

Damn right, Rick Riordan turned the Percico ship around.

by youvebeenwinchestered January 19, 2015
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The true OTP. Aka my gay babies Will Solace and Nico DiAngelo.
Solangelo is FINALLY canon! Will and Nico are oo cute together!!
by The real deal 7125 February 10, 2017
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The ship Solangelo consists of two characters in the 'Heroes of Olympus' series by Rick Riordan named Nico Di Angelo, a child of Hades and Will Solace, a child of Apollo. They are one of the cutest gay couples that you will ever see. Their relationship started in the last book from 'Heroes of Olympus', Blood of Olympus.

The pairing of these two may seem strange or even ridiculous in the beginning, but their chemistry with each other is perfect and is the best combination of dark and light. Their being together is like the yin and yang. Will being bright and happy with only slight darkness and Nico's life being filled with horrors, only finding light with the 7, Bianca and his boyfriend Will.

Many fanfictions have been made from this adorable pairing and are being continuously made.
Solangelo in one of its greatest moments:
Will turned to me. "I apologise for my boyfriend."
Nico rolled his eyes. "Could you not -"
"Would you prefer special guy?" Will asked. "Or significant other?"
"Significant annoyance, in your case," Nico grumbled.
by ReynaDiAngelo14 October 17, 2018
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The only acceptable ship with Nico Di Angelo. Gay as hell, making it ama-zang. Should be everyone's OTP.
"Significant Annoyence in your case."

"Nico Di Angelo is the best charater in the WORLD. I would die for Solangelo."
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by Solangelo~is~my~OTP April 17, 2018
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