The bottom line. The no-nonsense answer to a question.
"The soft dick of it is, you WILL get crabs if you sleep with her. It is not debatable!"
by Doomie June 7, 2004
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When you make someone think you are pulling a dick move but you dont follow through.
Hah, the look on that ladies face when you faked pulling into her parkings spot, what a soft dick move!
by Phoxygirl December 7, 2018
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1. A micropenis either in its flaccid state or with the inability to achieve an erection.
2. A penis which is really small, resembling a micropenis while in a flaccid state but which may or may not be small, or, may or may not be a literal micropenis in its erect state.
1. "He had a micro soft dick - Not only was it a micropenis but he could never even get it hard. It was basically a clit."
2. Suzie (walks in on Johnny changing) : "Wow, your dick is tiny! You must have a micropenis!"
Johnny: "No, it is a 'micro soft dick'. Look it up on Urban Dictionary! That means it's really tiny when it's soft but it might not be when it gets erect!"
Suzie: "Might not be? That's not very reassuring, hehe."
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 16, 2014
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Not to be confused with a dick pic, a soft dick pic is a picture of a male's flaccid dick that is typically transmitted to a woman via sms or email. Women generally crave these soft dick pics and will typically perform fellatio on the male who transmitted the pictures the next time the two come in to contact.
(Insert Female Name #1) "Some guy that calls himself Creepy Steve just sent me a Soft Dick Pic."
(Insert Female Name #2) "Wow, that is awesome! I'm so jealous. Soft dick pics are the ultimate bro move!"
(Insert Female Name #1) "I know. I'm totally going to blow him the next time I see him!"
(Insert Female Name #2) "Totally"
by Creepy Steve October 16, 2012
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Not to be mistaken for little or small dick energy, Soft Dick Energy presents when someone actually has the tools for a happy and successful life (including good sex), but is too lazy or unable for a myriad of reasons to use said tools in a satisfactory manor.
He had such big dick energy, post break up he’s on constant benders, no sleep, and it’s making him ooze soft dick energy. Now he’s a walking disappointment.
by WhatsNormal47 June 10, 2019
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truthful; not a lie. Used similarly to phrases like “no cap!”, “no joke!”, and “forreal!”
Person 1: Dude, that guy? He keeps a mirror in his room for, uh... you-know-what.
Person 2: Nah, you’re lying.
Person 1: Soft dick, he told me straight up!
by beezmester November 13, 2020
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