Why is everyone on this site bitching about liberals? This is urbandictionary, not super rich Beverly Hills dictionary....
Conservatives, whats funny is that the right wing in europe are actually remnents from the fascists.... here they are just people who want to set up a rascist theocracy. Much like how many hick towns in Georgia are run.
by Nigger McCoon October 13, 2003
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Slang: Anything that a right winger doesn't like.

Actual: An economic system in between capitalism and communism, advocating collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods.
The national highway system is an example of socialism.

That atheist socialist Hussein wants to impose Sharia Law and gay marriage on America!
by JeffGannon February 02, 2012
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An ornate tool of individual identity erosion; a device that defies all moral conceptions and standards. In particular, our unique qualities, work ethic and personality are key to stable notions of humanity. With the loss of any of these, our humanity is called into question, leading to the devastating possbiility of everything we know of ourselves.
And the loss of self, courtesy of socialism, allowed for the exploitation of citizens in the inept utopia of 1984.
by Anonymous4982 February 09, 2007
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1 (n.) Philosophy which states that noble humantarian idealism justifies theft.

2 (n.) Philosophy which refuses to acknowledge the law of supply and demand.
I am a worthless peice of shit who knows nothing about how the economy works. Socialism sounds like a good idea to me.
by CapitolisPig July 03, 2005
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1. A system that is pure and all that is good, but fails to encompass the inherent flaw in mankind - namely the neocon genome.
by situationist September 02, 2003
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An economic system in which the government controls everything and provides everyone with everything they need. In theory it works, but in practice... it fails. And here are 6 reasons why:

1. If The Government controls the economy then they control your life

2. When the government run's something, it becomes inefficient & corrupt

3. If one guy works hard, and the other is lazy they get payed the same

4. Why would a doctor got to medical school to get payed the same as a janitor at "Government Burger"

5. Socialism has failed before (USSR) and it won't work now

6. Since there is no incentive to succeed, this means it will take years for technology to advance
Socialism has failed numerous times in the past... why would anyone want it again?
by TheRationalCapitialist January 29, 2011
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