The capital, infrastructural and natural, and the factors of products MINUS financial capital and the workers. Simply put, the financial capital is NOT a mean of production because no matter how much money someone has, only he who owns a factory can process natural goods and make e.g. food to eat and survive.
Factories, transport ships and airplanes... Also the media.
by Phoebus June 05, 2004
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Not to be confused with "Seize the means of reproduction," to seize the means of production means to go after, and/or get what you want after some work. Usually if your doing something big in your life, or in general.

Go get that shit!
You: After college, I can't wait found my company that's inspired Microsoft, named Megahard.
Best friend: Aww man that's a great idea! Seize the means of production my man!
by FlyerMain February 03, 2021
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When the goverment (the communist party) takes the factories(ect) and others means of production from their owners for the greater good.
by CommieBG February 10, 2018
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