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Term invented by the affluent to convince the average that the remote possibility of great wealth is worth sacrificing health care, education, and a decent life for seniors. In other words as long as you too can be a Bilderberg, even if the chance is as remote as yogic flying, then the 98% of the population who cannot afford extensive health care, post-secondary education, or retirement savings can all suffer.
"You're being the poster child for socialism donating money to the Cancer Society, even though the pursuit of profit has allowed the use of Atrazine, DDT, BPA, PCB's and other carcinogens to be so affluent some have appeared in rain water.

Just because capital pursuit has indiscriminately stolen from every single living organism it's right to live free from toxic byproducts in the manufacture of our fuel, food, and plastics - it does not make you and I as direct consumers responsible.
by Hydroguy March 05, 2010

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Anyone who states that radionuclide fallout from a nuclear reactor melting down is not dangerous, who state there are "safe levels" of radionuclide ingestion, or who compare breathing, drinking, or eating radioactive particles to flying in an airplane.
The fukutards at the ICRP say we can drink water that is contaminated with radioactive iodine and cesium, because a marginal increase in cancer rates is acceptable.
by Hydroguy April 06, 2011

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