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1. A testicle 2. A prized gonad
If you know some chick is into you, you might tell your buddy: "Yo that bitty's swingin' on my left snugget!"
by J.J. Kool J. August 03, 2010
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A teenage boy who is the ultimate combination of tool , and more tool. This guy will most likely be good looking but on top of that he will be a player , a creep , and just plain annoying. This earns him the name of snugget short for shit nugget. He will come off as charming and smooth but once you get to know him you see him for who he really is , an extremely horny annoyance who you can't get rid of.
Shannon : Snugget is such an freak

Amanda : He wont stop texting me

Trixie : Lets call him

Shannon & Amanda : Yes Lets!
by todaysanewday34 July 30, 2012
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1. Another name for a penis that is more wide than long

2. Penis that is short and fat
Example 1:

girl 1: How was it last night?
girl 2: great until he pulled out his snugget
by dtbunstoppabllr July 03, 2009
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Derived from the amalgamation of the words "shit" and "nugget", a term to be employed in the description of small, pebble-like feces.
"Here mate, I pushed out a fair few snuggets this morning after that despers last night."
by Mark August 04, 2007
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