Made by a friend. The amount of snuggleness someone posesses.
My boyfriend is snuggly, but I wouldn't know about your snuggability.
by WGF_Crafty November 13, 2004
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something so cute it just makes you want to snuggle with it and fall asleep. Usually reffering to an animal or blanket of some sort. Sometimes used to describe a overwhelming feeling of warm fuzziness.
I saw the cutest kitten the other day! It looked so snuggable!

My blankie is so snuggable!
by Courtney November 29, 2004
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Describing someone who may be snuggled
After I told her about her breath issue, she was less snuggable.
by IzzyD July 24, 2005
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To hug/hold with your significant other whilst watching tv or in bed
Does this film have a snuggability aspect to it
by Aidanencyclopaedic July 7, 2020
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