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Endless sex forced on a man by a variety of women usually resulting in the death of the man. From Futurama episode in which the main characters are condemned to "Death by Snu-snu!" by a alien matriarchal society, ignorant of the earthling male's view of this as a most fitting death.
-"W-what happened to these people?" he asked looking at skeleton's with crushed pelvis bones.
--"They were condemned to die by snu-snu!"
-"YAY! Snu-snu!!"
by SS January 22, 2004
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a common form of punishment performed by future amazonian women. The word "snu snu" is technically translated as "sex", which may seem as an extremely convenient disciplinary technique for condemned men, however the punishment "advisers" are always very large women usually resulting in crushed pelvises. The punishment is pleasurable yet devastating to men, ending in a series of excited to frightened facial expressions shortly after they are condemned.

This act's resources were found from the Futurama episode "Amazonian women in the mood". This is the first episode of season 3.
Prisoners: :D......:0......:)....:0.....:D....:0
by MissMissFoxx December 29, 2007
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on the show Futurama, Leela, Amy, Kip and Zapp Brannigan get stuck on the Amazonian Planet where sex is referred to as snusnu and is actually a way of torturing men who trespass.
Femputer: The Amazonians will be divided into three groups. The one called Zapp will be snu-snued by the large women. He who is designated Fry will be snu-snued by the petite women. And Kif, being the most attractive male, will be snu-snued by the most attractive women of Amazonia. Then the large women! Then the petite women! Then the large women again!
by pennken2009 May 28, 2006
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When asked about how he would like to die, Carl replied: "While having snusnu".
by msz_jahne July 05, 2006
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Fry, Kif, and Zapp Brannigan were sentenced to death by snu-snu by the large horny amazonian women on futurama
by Ryan of MU September 15, 2005
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Future amazons word for 'sex'
'death by snu snu'
by lia August 26, 2004
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