A delicious flavour berry only grown in the willy wonka factory, dead dead yummy.
Hey, you want one of my wonka beans? You can have a snozberry one?
hell yeah!
by King Loz September 01, 2003
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Coined By Willy Wonka, (Gene Wilder) in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in the 'lickable wallpaper' scene.
"The Strawberrys taste like Strawberrys, the Snozberrys taste like Snozberrys".
by Mike Tuckwood August 21, 2005
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Clitoris; the sensitive bundle of nerves at the upper portion of the vulva, marking the top of the labia minora and laying just within the upper folds of the labia majora.
"Your snozberry tastes like snozberries!"
by BoxLunch December 06, 2007
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When you stick your nose in a persons asshole and sneeze
I was talking to Whitney when she told me ,Marshall gave Drew a snozberry in the locker room at ORME after her cheerleading practice
by wil cavanaugh, matt wilkinson September 01, 2008
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Snozberry is a fruity beverage with a number of no particular ingredients. The outcome of the mixture should look every so slightly like urine from somebody who has a bladder infection, or who has been kicked in the kidney.

If made correctly, once consumed, you should feel a dizzy sensation par to mild dementia.

Expect to receive one fucking cunt of a headache
Sam - “Would any of you guys like a drink?”,
Nick - “Hell yeah, get me one of them Snozberrys please”


Nick - “My Snozberry smells & tastes like big foots dick!”
by Jonathan Mills May 28, 2008
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guy 1-you want some snozberries?
guy 2-hell no, why would I want penis?
by agrodon sucks my balls May 27, 2019
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