Said when leaving (by driving or walking...preferrably while driving away, tires squealing) someone with the sole intent of emphsizing that you are better than him/her and him/her is a tool. Said as an exclamatory statement when leaving or driving away. Can also be used as a snoz, snozzing, snozzed
Person 1: Hey Brandon!
Person 2: Yeh what's up? (Giving full attention)
Person 1: SNOZ! (drives away squealing tires!!!)
In this situation it would be correct to say that person 2 has just been snozzed.
by chad March 31, 2004
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The byproduct created when cum and snot are mixed.
Kat was about to swallow Dick's cum when all of the sudden she sneezed and snoz came flying out her nose!
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Also described as a farmer snort, when you snoz you block one nostril and sharply and quickly breath out through the other nostril, thus expelling mucus/snot. A quick but often dirty way to blow your nose, done when out on the street and don't have access to tissue.
1st person: "Awh that's nasty!"
2nd person: "Sorry, I needed to snoz, I've got a real bad cold."


"You've just snozzed all over me you dirty cunt!"
by Samwell May 14, 2005
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a term to describe loz when she snuggles and snoggles
"...loz loved to snuggle her puppy we called her snoz..."
by non snozzler October 20, 2003
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something homosexuals say to express their love for one another.
as you are leaving your loved one, you simply say "snoz"
by jack bauer March 30, 2004
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Snoz- A woman. A strong, beautiful (inside and out) woman, capable to handle anything thrown her way. Looked upon greatly. Never to be feared because she is a kind, gentle, caring woman. Retains NO hate for ANY living creature. Very wise and insightful. This woman is compassionate about everything she does, and always finishes what she starts. She treats everyone with equal respect. In other words, a modern day Mother Teresa.
Girl: I'm snozz.

Boy: The girl of my dreams is snozzy.
by VeeEssJay July 14, 2010
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