Something that is more funny then "LOL"
or "HAHA".
I think my boss is gay....
response; Snort!!
by Alisa September 18, 2003
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To Inhale or Rack some good lines of Powders or Substances.
Person 1: Hey Dude! Guess what do you wanna go do some Snorts out the back of the concert?

Person 2: Hey there dude sure lets go rack off and do some snorts right now please and thank you!!!!
by LittleMissEmma April 21, 2021
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A person who constantly annoys and bitches about silly stuff no one cares about. An individual who likes to get in people personal space and talk very loudly.
Ex. one

Boy 1: "One Direction all the way!!!! Boyeeee!!!!
Everyone else on the school bus: "Man shut the hell up! Quit being such a damn Snort all the time."

Ex. two
Mom: "Did you do your homework yet?? Did you take out the garbage?? Have you found a girl who can stand you yet??"
Boy: "MOM!! Stop being such a f***ing Snort!!"
by ArmaniExchange January 17, 2014
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That new alternator is really gonna put out a lot of snort.
by DerMick June 22, 2006
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1. v. slang : to fuck snort-Australian
2. n. : Eric Franco (may be used in forms such as "snorter" or "old man lover")
Wow, that guy is such a snort...
by jenn June 18, 2003
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To Fuck, or to be a fuck.
Ex:X~ That Amy girl is such a snort!
Y~ I know! I heard she snorts other girls named 'Michelle'
X~ Yeah... Jeez, she's such a snort.
by ^^' June 20, 2003
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Person 1: *snort*
Person 2: please stop
Person 1: *snort*
Person 2: SooS
by Sakamoto-san August 08, 2017
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