Also referred to as “Mr. Snort” the term means to be ‘flexin’ your big nostrils off to all the hoes.
Bri: “Bro you see that guy?”
Ally: “yea that’s Mr. Snort”

Bri: “Bro that guy mus be in sum shit man; he’s dummy ThiCC
by 6dummiThicq9 August 01, 2019
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This word has multiple meanings. It can either be a verb, used to describe the act of blowing your nose, or making weird noises in your sleep. It can however also be used to describe something, that is either good or bad. You can also use this word, to describe other people with.
"Oh, he was such a sNoRt!"
"Aww, sNoRtS!" (something bad)
"Yay, sNoRtS!" (something exciting)
"Please let me sNoRt in peace, thank you"
"He sNoRtEd all night long"
by sNoRtY sNoRt November 14, 2018
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