To snorgle is to to snuggle a cute item in an manner meant to drink in or experience its overwhelming cuteness. Imagine picking up a cute puppy and sticking your face down into its furriness and snorgling it up. See cuteoverload dot com.

"She scooped up the shar pei puppy and snorgled its rolls of puppy fat."

"The baby tapir snorgled its snout into the basket full of cuddly baby bunnies."

"That toddler is so cute I just want to pick him up and snorgle his head full of curls."
by Snorgles May 20, 2006
To hug/snuggle a really cute something.
"Oh my God did you see that puppy on 7th? OMG I want to snorgle it! ^_^"
by bhm2006 May 11, 2006
Effectively a mispronunciation of the word 'snuggle' - usually used in order to indicate the object of the verb as something excessively cute.
'I snorgled that little fluffy kitten!'
by Nikki Slade January 21, 2007
An intense or energetic snuggling, usually in response to something overwhelmingly cute. Think about a little girl hugging her pet kitten.
i've got a stuffed bunny and her name is bunny and she's just a baby and she's really soft and adorable and i snuggle with her every night but it's so hard to fall asleep because i go "night night bun bun" and then i try to sleep but she's sooooooo snuggly and i'm like omg *snuggle snuggle* and then i try to get to sleep but then i'm like omg cuteness overload again and i *snorgle snorgle*
by sn554 December 11, 2008
Verb: To ogle at the hot girl advertising in the Snorg Tees advertisements on the side of the page while browsing on Urban Dictionary.
I snorgled while I was on Urban Dictionary last night. I couldn't help but ogle at the hot redhead advertising for Snorg Tees in the advertisement on the side of the page.
by Snorgler October 31, 2009
The act of "sharting" under water or in a pool.
Man I was in the pool the other day and I thought I had to fart but I "snorgled " my board shorts and had to leave.
by TMJT August 2, 2009
In addition to a form of snuggle, snorgle is also a cross between a snort and a chuckle: a little laugh of humor and contempt. Not as ugly as a snort.
"He passed out while we were doing it."

"That sounds like him," she said with a snorgle.
by HeinrichQ August 29, 2008