Snitch is a person that tells on someone just to get they ass in trouble. A snitch is not liked by real hardcore G's. It doesn't matter who the snitch runs and tells da police, teachers, or they momma snitching is snitching.

That gay ass nigga 50 cent is a snitch he ratted on Game.
by Joy Wilson June 07, 2006
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Someone who rat on others!
A: Boi, how could u get caught?
B: Man, I got snitched by a bitch called Fiona!
A: Bitch fucked u up big time!
by pooorass March 23, 2009
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A tiny golden ball with wings in a quidditch game. It is the seekers position to catch the snitch and win 150 quidditch points.
He caught the snitch! 150 points awarded to Slytherin!
by Silver Pennington July 17, 2009
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Someone whos death is caused by baseball bat to the back of the head...after I find the MOTHER F***ER WHO SNITCHED ON ME AND GOT ME THROWN IN JAIL!!!!
"Hey, I forgot to mention, but I was the one that called the cops on you that night, I uh hope your not mad." "O no I'm not mad, I've gotten over it, here, lets shake hands and be fri-<BOOM> <CRACK> <SMASH> <WA-POW> <THUD>......... bitch.
by ME April 19, 2005
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someone that tells on you for no reason other than to impress him or herself and to try to get ahead in the workplace to impress the supervisor
that guy Chris L. is a fucking snith! he went back and told the supervisor that i was a sabotager and my friend Will was A cut-throat. he also told on Steven. All that fat queer does is snitch on people to get ahead!
by phil H July 10, 2008
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An individual who provides authority figures with incriminating evidence in an act of self preservation.
Stoolie Rat Narc
person A Snitches on person B to avoid repercussion, even though person A was/is or has been involved in the same activities.
by SMV April 08, 2008
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