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the best girl in the whole world! all the snigdhas in the world know how to make you laugh with cheesy jokes.
wow did you see snigdha today?
uhh... yea! my life is complete now.
by AuPhoenix May 22, 2011
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Someone of South Asian descent who enjoys mainstream music and media. This person has a great sense of humor and is extremely religious. A person who loves to piss people off and make inappropriate jokes at the wrong time.
a snigdha: a beautiful, often confused, person
by x3194x May 22, 2011
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A short attractive nerd girl with unresolved issues who cant resist talented men. A snigdha can be found running around with a giant butterfly net in a park with her imaginary friends or climbing trees to study nature.
Guy1:Hey you wanna hang with Snigdha ?!
Guy2:Naaaahh! Snigdhas really mysterious and super hot but shes got too many issues. The science has claimed her!
by Romeogello August 29, 2011
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