Verb or Noun: Small sound that is emitted through the nose and mouth, usually a compressed laugh or snort. Often accompanied with a small grin, smirk, or sneer. Usually a tone of either derision, (as when someone says something you find stupid) or innocent humor. (When someone tells you a funny joke and you are busy doing something else, so a full-fledged laugh is difficult.)Nice to use behind other's backs, as when they do something inanely stupid and you can't help but laugh about it, but don't want to fall over laughing.
Holding my lunchtray in one hand and balancing my fork, I snerked as Caroline delivered the punchline of the dead baby joke.

When the girl in front of me pointed at the Mustang and said, "Oh, I like that Camaro.", I had to snerk discreetly.
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1. A giggle that comes out more as a snort.
2. The noise you make when you snort your drink out your nose. (From trying not to laugh.)
A: "...So then the chiuaua chased her up the stairs and cornered her in the bathroom."
K: "*Snerk* That is so funny! *laughs*"
by mikokit May 2, 2006
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A combination of a sneer and a smirk. Used as a verb in instant messenger conversations, never as a noun.
I had a private snerk when I saw my ex at the convention and noticed he was going bald at 19.
by spiraling February 14, 2005
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Snerk is the thin layer that appeares on top of your hot chocolate when you don't drink it.
To be a snerk is a very common frace in the norwegian street language, it means basicly to be an annoying fuck cunt.

Snerk can also appear in your ass as a thin layer of poop just around the eye. This is reffered to as Rumpsnerk.
The snerk: Hallaballa, lite lø fest her ass, fyfaen så keeg dette blir
Normal dude: Kom dæ til hellvette ut din jævla snerk

The snerk: Howdy man, this party is lit af, TURNUP ! WOOP!
Normal dude: Get the fuck outta here you fucking snerk

Person1: Man, I haven't wiped my ass since i was eight!
Person2: Oh shit, you probably got some heavy rumpsnerk down there by now

Guy at a restaurant: Ugh, this soup tastes like rumpsnerk, and not the good kind!
Random mum: Do not speak like that infront of my children!
by NotBirk December 15, 2015
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She snerked upon finding out that the guy who cut her off in traffic ended up in a fender-bender.
by Anowyn April 2, 2004
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to laugh in a superior manner; to snort out loud. Generally
used in chat forums.
snerk is used almost exclusively by its self. For example
when someone says something ridiculous or foolish you need only reply snerk.
by D. A. McLeod August 15, 2007
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The thin membrane that forms as a layer on top of milkbased hot liquids. F. ex. Hot cocoa, brown sauce/gravy or milk-laden tea.
This cocoa is delicious, but the snerk is slimy and annoying!

Mmm, this cocoa is great..... Ahh! I have to puke! Snerk!
by Lasse Biørnstad April 24, 2010
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