The thin membrane that forms as a layer on top of milkbased hot liquids. F. ex. Hot cocoa, brown sauce/gravy or milk-laden tea.
This cocoa is delicious, but the snerk is slimy and annoying!

Mmm, this cocoa is great..... Ahh! I have to puke! Snerk!
by Lasse Biørnstad April 24, 2010
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The action of liquid coming out of one's nose when made to laugh.
Susan snerked her milk when Johnny made her laugh at the joke.
by bryan July 07, 2004
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The international sound for "I got your nose" Or "A noise of amusement with a touch of snark thrown in for good measure"
"She was snerked by his remark." "Grandpa always snerked when he played with his grandson."
by Firestorm October 06, 2003
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Snerk is the thin layer that appeares on top of your hot chocolate when you don't drink it.
To be a snerk is a very common frace in the norwegian street language, it means basicly to be an annoying fuck cunt.

Snerk can also appear in your ass as a thin layer of poop just around the eye. This is reffered to as Rumpsnerk.
The snerk: Hallaballa, lite lø fest her ass, fyfaen så keeg dette blir
Normal dude: Kom dæ til hellvette ut din jævla snerk

The snerk: Howdy man, this party is lit af, TURNUP ! WOOP!
Normal dude: Get the fuck outta here you fucking snerk

Person1: Man, I haven't wiped my ass since i was eight!
Person2: Oh shit, you probably got some heavy rumpsnerk down there by now

Guy at a restaurant: Ugh, this soup tastes like rumpsnerk, and not the good kind!
Random mum: Do not speak like that infront of my children!
by NotBirk March 25, 2016
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