A large suburban town, east of Atlanta, Georgia . . . consisting of 500 restaraunts, 20 theatres, and 1.8 million fake rednecks.
Wow, Snellville has a lot of fake rednecks.
by Mr. Blumkin December 13, 2004
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The town of Snellville, Georgia.
I hate living in Snellville, it blows.
by Anonymous November 4, 2003
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a school where it’s very underrated of being a so called school with students who fight 24/7 and trash it but actually we’re all just a family and what family doesn’t fight but no other school can relate to the way we do with eachother and no matter what after a fight we always have each others back.
Snellville Middle School is actually a place of where family is
by emilyyyyrxo July 23, 2019
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A great distance, Snellville (Ga.) being far from anything except itself; or a long duration.
She talked me all the way to Snellville and back.
by Randy October 15, 2004
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a hell hole! it’s a school where people pretend they’re in a gang and talk so much shit. girls and boys are fake asl and the teachers are the worst.
by mya smith November 2, 2019
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