a sneak peek is just a small clip of a movie that is released before the movie as a sort of "teaser" for audiences.
I just saw the sneak peek on youtube.
by gingybaby April 22, 2010
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1. A preview, especially of something not yet public; an opportunity to see select portions before it is officially available.

Not to be confused with Sneak preview
I Just saw the sneak peek on Youtube.
by Jrskow July 15, 2011
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Secretly watching porn in a friends house with other people present, but unaware.
Guy 1: hey what are you watching?
Guy 2: nothing...
Guy 1: is that porn?!?!
Guy 2: uhhhhhhh...
Guy 3: get the fuck out of my house!!!!
Guy 2: I was just getting a sneak peek!
by Cranman11 May 27, 2016
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A marketing strategy that attracts customers, where a female bends over exposing more skin.
Rob: "Dude, Allie was giving sneak peeks to everyone today."

Tom: "I'm not surprised since she's single now. She is back on the market."
by nookworm January 30, 2012
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To have a near-death experience.
Neil: "Wow, Vince, we all thought you were a goner. I never saw somebody survive being sexually molested by a polar bear!"

Vince: "Dude, I got a sneak peek at Jesus."
by Blenderhead91 March 31, 2009
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(v.) To look in one's locker room (generally female) and sneak a peek of the goods.
Charles decided that for his 52nd birthday, he would go into the girls locker room at the Y and sneek a peek.
by midgetsnatcher March 15, 2004
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when you are about to ejaculate when you are having anal sex or doing doggy style, you spit on the ladies back making her think that you came, then when she turns around splurge in her face.
"Dude, it was funny as hell, i pulled a Sneak-a-Peek on 'er", Justin exclaimed.
by Corey W. March 08, 2008
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