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To abscond with food. snackling is the act of stealing food, often in a humorous manner. The phrase was originally used when a person hoarded a particular snack, usually in a social situation. The term now covers any act of pilfering food.
The raccoon snackled the sandwhich from the picnic table.

Dude, you just snackled the last chip.
by Neoproxy December 14, 2009
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This definition of "Snackle" was coined in 2008 by a college freshman.

Snackle is a portmanteau of snuggle and tackle. Therefore, it means to snuggle/tackle. Snackling can be performed in a platonic manner amongst groups of friends or in a more romantic setting.
Eric: Do you think you and Courtney are gonna hook up tonight?

Fred: Nah, we'll probably just snackle.

Jenna: We need a bigger couch on which to watch The Office on Thursdays!

Louise: Yeah, it needs to be perfect for snackling.
by EmilyAwes June 11, 2009
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To snack constantly throughout the day without eating an actual meal. Its like human grazing, just munching on different things. It can also be used to just refer to a snack.
Ted: "What did you eat today?"
Sue: "Oh i just snackled on different things all day."


Sue: "I'm hungry!"
Ted: "Have a snackle."
by g-masterflex June 10, 2008
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Snacking is the combination of tackling and snacking on a person. It usually involves partial or full body contact combined with lip, tongue, and possibly teeth on the target areas of your body. Generally sensitive parts are preferred - neck, ears, lips, fingers, breasts, thighs, back of knees, ass, and heat.

Zach gently snackled his girlfriend.
by Drapeta May 02, 2012
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A small bag of pot, usually an eighth, as opposed to satchel which would be a larger one.
Hey man, it's me, sorry to call this late but hey by the way got any snackles?
by My Pseudonym Is My Pseudonym January 27, 2010
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