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Pronunciation: \'snab\
Function: verb
Etymology: Amalgamation of Middle English snacchen, to snap, and a variant of dialectal nap, to seize, probably of Scandinavian origin.
Date: 20th century

-to grab at brashly and eagerly; to abduct with sudden force.

snabber snab'ber n.
The unsuspecting snout got snabbed.
by flobotoast March 24, 2009
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When you sneeze and perform a dab at the same time
Dude 1: I need to sneeze
Dude 2: Mate, do a snab
Dude 1: Fuck yeah
*Performs snab*
by Vaii May 24, 2016
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This is someone that sneezes and does a dab at the same time. It's like the person is trying to get a sponsorship from Nike for sneezing.
I thought I'd seen it all until I saw my son snab. He literally sneezed and did a dab at the same time. It was quite impressive, although just seeing him dab makes me want to slap the sneeze out of him instead.
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 06, 2016
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