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1. A Conformist: someone who does what everyone else is doing b/c its "in", "trendy", or "cool" to do at the time.
2. Someone who puts themself under a certain label in order to be accepted by others who have conformed to that same label.

-It really doesn't matter what you wear or what you listen to in terms of music, as long as YOU YOURSELF truly like the music and the way you look.
-You won't be a poseur so long as you do what you like for YOURSELF, instead of doing things to be accepted by people who will find VERY little meaning in what individuality really means.
Punk, Goth, Emo, Hardcore, Gangster, Ghetto, Indie, MetalHead, etc.

Many (NOT all) white teens listen to rap music, not b/c they actually like it, but b/c its the "cool" thing to listen to, and if you listen to any genre of "Rock" music, you are looked down upon as an outcast and an "unnatural freak". But this ok, so long as you are true to yourself.
by Minion March 29, 2004

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Snab: Meaning to grab or quickly take
"Just snab the rest of the potatos"
by Minion February 17, 2005

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Steve Karwoski - see also special k
Have you ever noticed that you've never seen Special K and Lumberg in the same room, at the same time?
by minion September 19, 2003

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Annoying adolescents and/or teenagers who insist they are "depressed" but in reality, just want attention. They usually tend to listen to music that involves skinny guys whining and "screaming" about things that supposedly have deep meaning. The drummers of these bands often try to look cool by using a double bass pedle (stop kidding yourselves, you suck). They tend to make fun of any other genre of rock music and only like bands (especially underground ones) until they become popular. Once they're popular "they suck".
They can't admit that they bought an article of clothing in hot topic b/c that would make them a "poseur". <Newsflash: you're a poseur if you shop there and THEN do not admit that you do.>
They also mosh like pussies. If you're going to go into a pit, fucking stop swinging and actually mosh or else you WILL get knocked the fuck down.
Simply put, they just need to stop crying and actually try to see all the great things that they DO have in their lives, instead of whining about that girl who dumped them in 7th grade.
All the little emo kids I hang out w/ are so annoying. All I ever hear them talk about is how great a new band is that no one has ever heard of.. by next week everyone will know all of that band's songs by heart and then no one will like them a week after that.
by Minion March 28, 2004

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Steve Karwoski - see also special k
If you look up smarmy in the dictionary, there is a little picture of special k next to it.
by minion September 19, 2003

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