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her smussy gripped me like a glove!
just come and have a drink u smussy!
she had a smussy until i got in there!
don't be a smussy!
by <<WIZARD>> January 22, 2009
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damn jessica, ashley, and rachel, y'all bitches got sum smussys. You want me to get you sum air freshener for that smussy??
by ilya (aka the Russian) =) July 29, 2006
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smussy: \'sm&-ssE\ adj. Etymology: Jocelynspeak smussy, alteration of smushy, akin to Old High German smoochy, adj., to smudge, he causes to flow, and probably to Latin smoothie, one who behaves or performs with deftness, assurance, and easy competence; especially : a man with an ingratiating manner toward women 1 a: cute, cuddly, sweet 2 a: cozy, comfortable (that sweater is really smussy; that comforter is really smussy) 3 a: furry, fuzzy 4 a less used: sexy, arousing sexual attraction
That's really smussy. That guy is smussy. That sweater is smussy. What a smussy cat.
by smussyolay August 11, 2006
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Multiple meanings:

-a small pussy
-a small person who is always scared
-an adjective: to be small of puss
"Gimme the smussy, boss"
"Bruna is such a smussy! I tought short people were more fiesty."
"We wanted to have sex, but she was too smussy"
by Epichnobrate January 26, 2019
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