1) An adjective referring to a "Shit-bag." A term referencing a piece of shit.
2) An adjective referring to a Blue Falcon or a Buddy Fucker."

3) An adverb referring to a lie, or the concept of lying.
"That guy just smoots about everything."

"You swapped my rounds with blanks before a mission you fucking SMOOT!"
"You slept with my wife you SMOOT!"
by J-Greg February 03, 2013
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One who smoots. And smoots hard. Watch out, motherfuckers. School bus.

Anything withing 5 feet of teh Smoot is considered property of the sex fungeon and will be treated as such. In other words, hold on to your asses, ass holders.
smoot: oh well, perhapse smoot should smoot himself to bed
mina: Hehe, yeah the Mina too
smoot: mina should smoot herself to bed?
mina: Hehe, definatley
mina: That sounds kinky....
smoot: smoot should smoot mina to bed
mina: Hehe, now THAT sounds REALLY kinky
by hugasaurus of the giganticock January 06, 2004
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n. A vaginal dingleberry, a camel toe crap cap, a ninjaboot shit-crown if you will, a pussy poop garnish, a furry feces foe. As a medical term; when a particle of human feces rests in the labia.

Also refered to as a master or sensei. When a sensei leaves the "dojo" to battle the boot.

Man, that bitch must wipe from back to front because I have a smoot stuck in my teeth
by abbc September 14, 2006
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One who drinks too much, and works in classless places, too lazy to make well of themselves, but just settles for what they think pays. Not faithfull, is paranoid about the many lies they tell, and is way too hot tempered. crappy relationship material.
by Mrqdsde March 14, 2010
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semen, cum that is created while on a boat

named after minnisota cornerback fred smoot who is known not for his football skills but for his ability to cover a boat in semen
I hit the bith in the eye with some smoot while riding around the bay

Be carefull where you shoot that smoot.

by The A Team of the Food Bank February 25, 2006
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Much of these definitions may be true but one version of the word Smoot originated from a silly deviation from the word 'SMUT' which is created by replacing the 'U' with a double 'O' for use in chatrooms where the word 'smut' or 'porn' is not appropriate.
"It's pretty hard to surf the web when your bandwidth is being used for downloading smoot torrents."

"My hard drive is getting pretty full, so I guess I better burn some of these smoot videos to DVD lol!"

by Alfoo December 15, 2007
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