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An Italian name, for an absolutely gorgeous individual. Corinnas are smart, funny, edgy and beautiful. Their only downsides are that they wear their hearts on their sleeve and spend most of their time trying to make other people happy, and not themselves.
Person 1; omg man, i went on a date with most amazing girl ever.

Person 2; Was she a Corinna?

Person 1; Fuck yeah.

Person 2; Safeee
by dirtydirtyrichgirl June 20, 2009
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one of the prittyest gurls u'll ever meet funny,has a good personality,pritty eyes, big boobs,easy to get along with,hella nice, but can be a bitch at times, nice hair,alwayz laughing,liks to flirt will make you have a good time

did you see that gurl she was hella pritty and funny must of been a corinna!
by damm gurl March 03, 2008
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A Corinna loves spinning classes, especially if she can go with people starting with a T. She also loves leaving her friends to go to the club with more handsome friends to listen to a DJ she doesn’t even know. She’s a friendly and apparently β€œinnocent person” that turns into a ski shot girl when she drinks.
But we really love her the way she is, sometimes.

She also is in a friends with benefits relationship with vodka.
Corinna, you’re not that innocent person anymore!!
by Corinnaaaa February 16, 2018
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Corinna is a backstabbing bitch. She has the soul of a witch and the eyes of a god damn demon. She dates men for fun and switches with her best friend all the time. She also breaks up happy innocent couples and blames it on the girlfriend/boyfriend because that bitch is just jealous cause she can't keep a man for herself. She dates the broken up boyfriend and later cheats on him. She will pretend to be your best friend then sell your secrets to the fucking devil.
Corinna is a B-I-T-C-H!!!!!!!!
by juliettej03 September 20, 2018
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