This phrase is for describing a girl that has perfect tits, and awesome booty; in other words, she is perfect any sense word.
...Hey Ted, yesterday I banged such a smocking hot girl!..
by Peluquero June 14, 2017
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A cheap check patterned flannelete shirt, otherwise known as a "druggie shirt" or "lumberjack shirt".
Hey! I'm not going with you if you're gonna wear your smack smock. Put on something nice, like this cashmire sweater
by giblet Blithe October 09, 2010
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The act of cutting off the ears and hollowing out the head threw the ear drum.
During times of war they used to smock shot there pow's.
by Jordan Ruiz November 28, 2003
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when using this phrase, it means you are referring to the person or idea as being lame.
Jess wears a smock to a party.

Wanna watch America's Next Top Model?
No way, that show wears a smock to a party.

by Ryan..the kid January 05, 2008
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1. Good looking woman/women
2. Hot chick
3. Pussy
Wow, there’s lots of hock da smock working in the clubhouse.

Our waitress is hock da smock.

High quality HDS!
by Jack Stout December 14, 2018
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Another name for a Mexican Baja Hoodie, generally woven from wool. It is usually coarse and loose, but can be worn in a range of temperatures, due to the fabric's ability to breathe. Often linked with drugs, as they were originally woven from hemp. See drug rug
Felipe: Hey man, isn't that a Baja hoodie?

John: Yeah, but I just call it a Bohemian Love Smock
by Bohemian Love Smock September 17, 2014
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