Another word for a condom or similar penile protection devices.
B.Turek-"Hey I gotta pretty hot date tonight with that girl from the hospital."

J.Causey-"Shit man that sounds like a industrial-jungle-pussy-punk of a good time, but you got protection?"

B.Turek-"No worries man, I got my cock smock."
by Dan Bejarano August 08, 2006
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Similar to a T-shirt cannon, except that it fires smocks and aprons.
Tammy Lariat used a smocking gun to distribute smocks and aprons to the crowds in the stands.
by wendue December 10, 2018
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The act of cupping one's fart and throwing it in another person's face.
I love fart smocking my boyfriend while he's playing video games.
by Smerv April 04, 2014
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