More profane Netspeak variation of smh, meaning "shaking my motherfucking head". An expression of general disdain for an event or statement.
IM conversation:

Userguy1: So... do you shower every day?
Usergirl25: smmfh...
Userguy1: ...
Userguy1: ...what was that for?
Usergirl25: What kind of question was that? Of *course* I shower every day! Don't you?
Userguy1: ...
by Blackbutterfly January 25, 2007
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Example: Friend: The Outback App wouldn't gimme credit for my visit there 2 months ago.

You: smmfh... that's fucked up.
by AYB BX September 29, 2018
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Horny Teen 1:Yo I heard your sister was sucking dick.
Cocksucker's Brother:Again!!!!(runs off)
Horny Tenn 2:SMMFH
by BishopLoveBug February 25, 2014
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Sooo dude, I didn't take that new job cuz I wanted to stay with my girlfriend and didn't wanna move... but she broke up with me cuz of it...

by I M A Dogg August 24, 2009
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