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Variation of AF (as f*ck); acronym for As Sexy F*ckin S#it. It is used to put extreme emphasis on a comment/statement. For example, if a Woman is really attractive or is just absolutely stunning, one can say that she is "beautiful ASFS" or, using a slang for aggressively beautiful, "badddd ASFS". The slang word "baddddd" is like the adjective derivative for when a female is referred to (or refers to herself) as a "baddie".
A young man sees an attractive young lady walking her dog, and is stunned by her beauty and confidence as she walks by. Noticing this, she looks at him with a borderline serious stare, then winks and nods her head upwards at him before continuing to walk on by. Feeling both complimented by the attention, and disappointed by his inability to say anything, he gazed as she continued to guide her dog and said to himself, "She is beautiful ASFS".
by AYB BX August 13, 2023
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Example: Friend: The Outback App wouldn't gimme credit for my visit there 2 months ago.

You: smmfh... that's fucked up.
by AYB BX September 29, 2018
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