2 definitions by Blackbutterfly

1. Conceived or seemingly conceived from some unrestrained girlish fantasy (which may include some/all of the following: sickening amounts of pink, fairies, unbearably cute kittens, multi-colored butterflies, rainbows and glittery/sparkly things)

2. So extremely girly as to challenge belief

3. Term used to describe anything born from the mind of Lisa Frank(c) or engineered by toy companies for girls between the ages of 5 and 12
As I was walking into the mall, I saw a car in the parking lot that was nail-polish pink and spangled with these huge silver stars. If that wasn't bad enough, it had fuzzy pink upholstery, a plush Hello Kitty dashboard ornament, and a huge pink "lipstick kiss" on the rear window! The car was so girly-fantastic I wanted to gag...
by Blackbutterfly September 10, 2006
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More profane Netspeak variation of smh, meaning "shaking my motherfucking head". An expression of general disdain for an event or statement.
IM conversation:

Userguy1: So... do you shower every day?
Usergirl25: smmfh...
Userguy1: ...
Userguy1: ...what was that for?
Usergirl25: What kind of question was that? Of *course* I shower every day! Don't you?
Userguy1: ...
by Blackbutterfly January 25, 2007
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