gun company that mainly makes double action combat revolvers, but still make semi-automatic handguns. famous for the model 629 a stainless model of the 29, seen in the movie "dirty harry" chambered in the infamous .44 magnum round. they also make the 686 wich is a .357 magnum.
my smith & wesson 629 is better than your glock 17 because it's just as quick to reload with speedloaders, and it's a much more powerful caliber.
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 25, 2006
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The largest firearm production company in the United States, founded in 1852. It has long been known to produce popular and well-regarded handguns ever since their original "Model 1", a diminutive .22 Short caliber revolver. Popular models include the Model 29, Model 19, Model 27, 686, Chief's Special, and Model 60.

Although generally known for their revolvers, they now also produce a wide selection of semi-automatic pistols and AR-15 style rifles for military, law enforcement, hunters, citizen personal protection, and private security.
He just picked up a new Smith & Wesson M&P.
by Jake Marlin April 5, 2011
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Most powerful handgun ever made,even more punch than a desert eagle chambered for 50 AE. The S&W 500 fires 50 cal magnum rounds.
Hey little Billy want to shoot the most powerful handgun ever called the Smith & Wesson 500
by Trevor Davis August 22, 2006
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the only handgun that you can stand behind someone and still get wind from a .50 cal. bullet. most powerful handgun on earth.
friend: tom just shot the smith & wesson .500! *jizz*
me: man have his balls dropped
by biggungoboomwoa July 7, 2010
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A double action, stainless steel revolver chambered in .44 Magnum. It replaced the ever-famous Model 29 blue steel revolver. Availible in 3,'' 4,'' 6,'' or 8 3/8'' barrel lengths.
The cop looked the woefully inadequete .38 Special strapped to his hip, shook his head, went to his car, and pulled a 629 from the glove compartment.
by JoeBob September 14, 2003
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the two best friends to bring to any kind of fight.
Cop: "Watch your step, perp."
Perp: "Oh yeah? Who's gonna make me?"
Cop: "Me and Smith and Wesson."
by Figleaf23 September 24, 2007
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The only thing that will beat 4 aces
I flopped a 4 of a kind, but he whipped out his Smith and Wesson, and I gave him the pot hands down
by PokerVixen November 7, 2005
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