When a male hits puberty; the balls become saggy when puberty comes, thus they 'drop'
Yo! Did you hear Joe's voice? I guess his balls dropped...


12 Year old squeaker : Hey guys wanna go play some Minecraft on Xbox?
13 Year old Non Squeaker: Shut up dude! Your balls haven't even dropped.
by KappaKappaKappaKappaKappaKappa September 27, 2015
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a teenager usulally one that has hit puberty

Ex: 8 year old kid- HI GUYS
16 year old- kid have your balls dropped yet
8 year old kid- HI GUYS
16 year old- kid have your balls dropped yet
by Max Hess October 28, 2007
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when you finally stop being a massive pussy and become a man
friend 1: did you hear David finally asked out his crush
friend 2: wow i'm glad his balls dropped
by themanthemyththelegendsila April 24, 2019
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God, I wish that kid's balls would drop so we didn't have to hear him screeching all the time.
by Plush Terry October 28, 2004
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Something that Justin Beiber has yet to experience.
Amber: I love this song!

Amanda: Yeah, this girl has a really great voice.

Amber: That's Justin Beiber.

Amanda: Well maybe one day when his balls drop, nobody will make that mistake.
by advaschechel March 18, 2010
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When a boy reaches puberty. During puberty, the penis grows larger and longer, and the testicles enlarge and grow hair. Before puberty, a boy's scrotum will be on the penis. During his puberty, the boys scrotum will enlarge and hang off his body more.
"Hey, has Mitchell balls dropped yet?"
"No, he ha not hot puberty yet and his balls are still close to his willy
by The_real_Mitchie March 19, 2017
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(Bales-droped) puberty
My balls dropped and now I sound like a phedophile.
by Jimmynono December 24, 2018
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