an abbreviation of "something else." Similar to awesome or fantastic. A supersized version of swell.

Dont listen to these people. My grandmother used this word before that LWS boy was even born. Perhaps influenced by cajun or creole; or perhaps it was her alzheimers.
It was real know, smill.
You aced your test thats smill!
Damn, this fried crab cake is smill. Take a bite.
by Braddick July 27, 2006
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an insignificant or trivial object or event. Also a personal feeling of insignificance or inadequacy.
Dawg give up on that smill ass soda water get you some real nog.

Even when I blow an egg stink I am so smill no one notices.

Why must we go to the smill tank when we have the bomb shelter here?
by Musen July 14, 2006
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A smile achieved from a certain smell.
I walked outside my front door and smilled, because my neighbor just finished mowing his lawn.
by Het Brayley December 12, 2008
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Meaning lame.

"If you see me in the club and I ain't tryin to chill" -Detroit Rapper's definition

Originated in Detroit.
That niggas spittin is smill.

This club is smill.

Your attitude is smill.
by Diabla December 16, 2004
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Smill can mean whatever you want. It originated when a 12 year old user on the LWS forums named snaremop misspelled smile. The users in Flames have since used the word in nearly every post they make.
Dude that bitch is so smill.

I wanna smill all over your face.

Can anyone spare an ounce of smill?
by LWS Captain Cook July 16, 2006
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When Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons employees has a tongue twist when repeating back your order, that involves a small fruit chill instead of saying 'and a small chill' they say 'and a smill'
by Imcrushingonaboy February 19, 2019
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this is a term used to describe testicles of a small variety. can also be used to describe a shriveled willy after extreme cold.
you have smill bills!
by lucylucylucylucy April 4, 2008
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