My friend asked me to help him move but I told him I was too busy smh to assist.
by djedi25 November 04, 2010
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An annoying and over-used initialism (not an acronym) meaning "shaking my head" or "shake my head".

It is used by idiots when they think they are "winning" an argument on the internet, but are actually just spouting incoherent nonsense and calling other people idiots without any evidence.

Yeah, you've met that guy, too, haven't you?
Guy 1. The holocaust dident happen!!!1
Guy 2. Pfft, where's your source?
Guy 1. Fuck u your an idoit every1 nos tht the holocaust dident happn if it did thn how come there are jews alive 2day HMM?? smh
by B1KMusic October 22, 2014
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Short for, Suck my hole.
similar to "up yours" and the likes in usage.
"robert do you like donkey shows?"
by Peter Tissen September 04, 2017
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stands for "Shaking My Head" usually an acronym when you see the most ignorant, dumbest, or disapointing shit you've ever seen, you can say it rather than doing the the action
"you see that 16 year old over there?"
"that baby tee's way roo small for her, and she's preggo's"
"what's that in her mouth?"
"omg that's a blunt"
"seriously SMH"
by aemy April 16, 2010
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