The internet acronym for the words 'shake my head'. Usually used when disappointed in someone/something.
Vincent: So how was prom?
Peter: It was great!
Vincent: You dance with alotta girls?
Peter: No. Just went 'meow meow meow' the whole time.
Vincent: SMH
by djphotik May 16, 2006
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smh is usually referred to as "Shake My Head" or "So Much Hate". However, the true definition is Snorting My Heroin.
Hey guys, this party's super lame. Anyone wanna go smh at my place?
by urbandickmaster August 10, 2017
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SMH is an acronym meaning "shaking my head." It is an expression of un-verbalized contempt, used by people highly contemptuous of the world but too stupid to be able to express their disgust in actual words. It is, essentially, the grunt of the ignorant cynic.
Person 1, not a libertarian: Libertarianism is the political philosophy of toddlers. It is the ultimate outcome of a mindset centered completely on one's self, and ignorant of the existence of other humans.
Persion 2, libertarian: Dude, you just don't get it. SMH.
by UrbanPat October 27, 2013
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Smh means shaking my head, if you didn’t know dumbass smh.
Beep , oml my ex keep texting me smh!
via giphy
by Officixl November 11, 2017
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a term often used to smoothly ask someone to "seduce my horse", after the big hit old town road by Lil nas x. The teens of nowadays all use this phrase in text messages to politely ask to find the most compatible horse prostitute in order for their horse to "get sum"
A: hey man SMH
B: yeah sure man, I got your horse
A: Thanks man, we'll meet you at the back of the ranch
B: yep, sounds good. we'll meet you there
by panicchippo August 22, 2019
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I think this stands for "salted meat hug." Basically, it's when someone hugs you when holding a bunch of beef jerky.
"You got arrested again? How could you be so stupid? Smh." My girlfriend texted that to me. I think the salted meat hug was to console me.
by BadAtAcronyms March 07, 2015
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