An all purpose swear word originally used by punks before made popularized by the british television show Red Dwarf dispite popular belief smegs origins did not have to do with smegma which is a crusty substance that develops underneath foreskin.
Rimmer is such a smeg-head

smeg off

this really smegging sucks
by Jimmy Kline April 5, 2006
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There was a young lady from Leith
Who circumcised men with her teeth
It wasn't for money
Or anything funny
She just liked the cheese underneath

This "cheese" is smegma, hence a smeghead is a cheesy dickhead
by elgatonegro August 9, 2007
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"smeg" a term used to describe smelly old semen on ones penis or under ones foreskin
ciara gave tom a bj and she said his nob was full of smeg
by glenn Ireland July 21, 2006
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Its also a make of really crap fridges and cookers, they only last about 4 mins
Do a search in currys or dixons... in fact any kitchen appliance outlet
by xentrix01 April 8, 2005
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fuck me, is there mozarella on my bell or am I having a smeg episode
by Death Monk May 8, 2003
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