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In basic terminology, Smeared is a word that is used to represent an event of social disorder where one is to be dissed, slapped or abused as a result of other's enjoyment. Therefore, Smeared is most commonly used as an insult or retort to the abused individual not being able to form a comeback.
Aamir: You're an epic fail.

Sam: The only fail was your dad's condom...

Everyone surrounding the individuals: Smeared.
by Lightning B & Mathematics April 13, 2011
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when a piece of shit smiles at you, as if shit were smeared across the floor in the shape of a smile
Person 1: Dude, i'm so sorry you didn't win
Person 2: That's not even the worst part, he smeared at me while they put the medal around his neck
by EsuccEchucc January 20, 2017
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a couple more drinks past fucked-in-half.
if you're smeared, you're gonna have to get peeled off the wall by your closest friends the next morning.
Rox showed up to the party 10 drinks deep. I served him a shit-ton more and kid got smeared.
by JackHammer October 26, 2005
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Amongst the millions of slang terms for the drunken state of the average welsh person at around 11 on a saturday, you can stand proud as the most drunk you have ever been in any valley if one of your byts refers to you as smeared.

There is no higher (or indeed lower depending on perspective) state of drunken stupor
john: you know.. i've seen boys get wasted, blllaadered, maashed, trounced, monged and even coor-don-blluured. but i've never seen anyone get as drunk as my man G did last night. He was completely smeared!

julian: tsk tsk! thats just not criket is it simon?

john: Hmph.. its not even squash byt!
by doa88 January 26, 2007
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