A wrestling fan who realizes that wrestling is scripted, but still watches it and enjoys it. A smark uses "insider" terms like push, bury, kayfabe, heel, job, etc. , and usually acts in an arrogant manner towards other fans. To be a true smark, you must:

- Hate John Cena wholeheartedly and constantly wine about he only has 5 moves and has a stale character
- Support CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan, and claim that they deserve better, even when they are champion
- Constantly yell out annoying phrases at WWE shows like "Believe in the Shield!"
- Live in either NYC, Chicago, Philly, Toronto, or London
- Insist on chanting "JBL" even when there is an interesting match going on
- Constantly post spoilers on websites, and then complain when somebody else spoils something for you

All in all, they're just enthusiastic fans who want a better product
Joe- Mark
Carl- Smark

Example 1:

Joe: "Hey, Carl, did you see that impressive Attitude Adjustment John Cena just hit on Mark Henry? He's never done that before! I love John Cena, he's the best! He always overcomes the odds!!!"

Carl: ".... Are you an idiot?"

Example 2:

Joe: "I think Shemaus, Cena, and Big Show are great!"

Carl: "Screw you. Go Punk, Ziggler, and Bryan! They should be pushed!"
by Bob The Guy September 28, 2013
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1) A sports entertainment wrestling fan who claims to know all of what sports entertainment wrestling is about, and says that they still like it.

2) An ignorant smart ass that uses every curse word and their variations in any way to shoot down mercilessly on marks just because they like John Cena.

3) Me

4) A sports entertainment fan who is hardly ever satisfied.

5) Someone who was bored and spent a couple of hours on Wikipedia trying to figure out what really goes on with WWE, then decides to self-proclaim himself, "a true wrestling fan". Then he goes on the internet talking like a smart-ass on WWE or TNA forums, and surfs through WWE and TNA spoiler sites posting spoilers in forums no one wants to know.

6) Someone who now currently just pays attention the actual wrestling skill & mic skills of a sports entertainment wrestler, unlike what they did as a kid watching it, just enjoying the show.
1) "Larry is a smark."
"Because he knows that WWE is scripted & staged, yet still loves it anyway."

2) "You faggot ass motherfucker. Only women, kids, and gay faggots like that asswipe John "FuckFace" Cena. That bitch ass wigger homo punk piss ass motherfucking shit hole, he only has 5 damn moves and they all suck assballs bitch. Go fuck yourself dumbass bitch."

3) I like WWE. I know it's scripted & staged. I still like it anyway because it Entertains me. Which is why they put the 'E' in "WWE".


*Orton gets title awarded to him*

"Yes! Now that Triple H is back, HE needs to get it now. I mean damn, Orton sucks more than Cena."

*Shawn Michaels returns*

"Woot! Now HBK can get the title now."

*Chris Jericho returns*

"Yay! Save us Y2J!!! Now HE can get the title from Orton. I wish HBK got it though."

5) *Yawn, spends 5 hours on Wikipedia learning what they've got on sports entertainment wrestling*

"Hmm, I didn't know that... now I can go on the internet and talk smart like all of the other assholes who don't give a shit about anything else except going on spoiler sites and making a mark's time on a WWE or TNA forum a living hell!"

*Talks about HBK on the WWE forum*

"Mark: i dont li3k Ortan bcos h3 tryd 2 kic hbk n da hed and end hes aesom elustrios carrer! Ortan d3zervs 2 die by sweet chen misic 1000 times HAHAHA he wud be pwnt.

Smark: That was all fake you dumbass. And I just want to point out that your typing skills are horrible. You need to take your pre-teen ass back to school and learn how to use proper English. Yes little retard, E-N-G-L-I-S-H. Punctuation, grammar, & proper keybooard typing."

6) Smark: John Cena sucks ass.

Mark: Why?

Smark: He can't wrestle worth a shit, and he only has 5 horrible fucking moves.

Mark: Do you like Stone Cold?

Smark: Hell yeah. He was awesome.

Mark: But he was worse. He couldn't wrestle worth a shit. He even said himself at the Hall of Fame 2007 that he only had about 3 offensive moves. Hell, the Stone Cold Stunner was a move you had to sell correctly, or else it wouldn't look right. F-U, you just had to lay still on your back.

Smark: But he was a master on the mic.

Mark: John Cena was good on the mic when he was a rapper. And he pretty much is as good today. He is funny too.

Smark: Anyone can make jokes.

Mark: You wouldn't be saying that if that was Triple H.

Smark: ... But Triple H was a better wrestler.

Mark: He was a better entertainer. Getting in a rivalry with McMahon is guaranteed to get you extremely big with the fans, hence Bobby Lashley, Stone Cold, The Rock, and D-Generation X.

Smark: John Cena is easily predictable.

Mark: So is Stone Cold, since all he does is beat up his opponent, so is HBK, Kane, and definitely Undertaker. Flying Clothesline, Chokeslam, Tombstone, 3-count, over. You have noticed that right?

Smark: Whatever. I would expect this coming from a fag Cena fan. Whatever bullshit you say, John Cena STILL sucks.

Mark: *Shakes head* I thought so. I win.
by Gnawter December 7, 2007
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an idiot that acts completely negative about wrestling yet it too dumb to quit watching.These mutants hate john cena for no apparent reason except for the fact that they are losers.when they like some they say"that made me mark out!"which is the gayest thing ever!
you are such a smark because you don't enjoy wrestling!
by vanilla midget August 21, 2006
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Noun. A person who is being scamed but is in on the prank. Someone who knows they are being tricked. Its origin is from the term "mark" and is the shortened form of the phrase "smart mark"
The smark new the two headed woman was fake, but wanted to see anyways.
by AJ March 30, 2005
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may reffer to the proccess of social media marketing, smark your company means use social media to promote and sell your products services and brand name through social media.
may reffer to the proccess of social media marketing, smark your company means use social media to promote and sell your products services and brand name through social media.
by emskond February 28, 2012
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smark defined in today terms- a group of people that think they are true wrestling fans because they watch the indies, they usually like to live in a imaginary world where they represent the entirety wrestling fans and that anyone who disagrees with them are either a wwe fan boy, a muscle mark, and or a indy hating mark, they can be found living in their mom basement usually having the appearance of a overweight person with a messy beard around their necks and can be seen at wrestling arenas with a young buck or AEW shirt usually XXL but be warn if you like a different wrestler or company than them they will go out of their way to harass you either in the wrestling arena or online
"AEW is better than anything WWE has done in the past 10 years"- said Smark
by Wrestling fan 3:16 July 31, 2019
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Getting really really high off of your substance of choice, usually cannabis. This word originated in the Facepunch Drug Discussion sub-forum.
Me:Dude, did you see kyle? He was smarked as hell.

Not Me: Yeah man, he faced that 1/4 to himself.
by its shortie February 21, 2012
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