The abbreviation for All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019.
Joey: "AEW is gonna be better than WWE."
by Jayaway July 11, 2019
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Pure fucking garbage. Worst wrestling promotion on the entire planet. Mid ass garbage that only basement dwellers obsess over.
Jim: “You watch AEW Dynamite?”
John: “nah, I’m not a fuckin loser.
by KarmaAndEffect September 07, 2021
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the superior pg-13 version of wwe or just better than we in every way possible
Leana: oh hey have you heard of AEW I heard they have dean ambrose with a new finisher

Seth: oh yeah I heard I also heard they have Kenny omega i hope he is good I might start watching AEW
by physcosis May 11, 2021
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This is a short greeting used by many people. You may hear it other than Sup.
Br1: Aew mens, brasuka!
Br2: Aew?
by Snat April 07, 2005
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Will defend anything AEW does and could do no wrong
Botches in matches but hey it’s okay it a AEW match says the AEW mark
by Mr.Wrestling mark April 04, 2021
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The new dope ass wrestling brand of 2019 selling out tickets in 4 minutes with their first paperview.
“Bro lmfao fuckin wwe sucks now. At least we still got All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
by Logang aka retards February 17, 2019
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