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how sluts hang out. Usually used for female teenager girls, who like soft rock or emo music.
my friend molly was sluttin around with this emo band today.
by sam da pimp August 31, 2006
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Opposite of Bitchin'; something bad.
When something goes wrong and you have a 'that sucks' moment.
Abe: Today I found out that my dog has cancer and i can't go to my school dance.
Jake: Thats sluttin' yo
Abe: Today I found out that my dog is cancer free. Turns out they had the wrong dog, and I can go to the dance again!
Jake: Bitchinnnn!!
by Swarnerrrr June 17, 2009
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a new sport inspired by sluts who flirt WAY too much.

instead of cheerleading, playing soccer, playing basketball, etc.. sluts do the "sluttin" .

Andy: Bro! Did you see Meranda this weekend?
Adrian: No, why? Wassup?
Andy: Damn fool! She was all up on Mike and his homies! She took sluttin' to a whole new level.


Janie: She has a boyfriend and flirts with EVERY guy in site.
Holly: That's slutty. She should try out for the Sluttin' team.
Janie: The Sluttin' Team? What's that?
Holly: It's a new sport sluts invented.
Janie: Ohh! That's clever. She can be Captain.
by yo' bitch sucked 'ma cock ~ . November 07, 2011
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