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A sluth is two words combined. Slut and sloth. It generally means a visually attractive yet highly unclean prostitute, as in, she is so lazy, she never bathes or cleans herself. She is thought to be carrying multiple venereal diseases, to be on crack cocaine, and her home is believed to be so trashy with filthy garbage that roaches and flies are everywhere.
"Jack, I went to club Mixer last night. Do you know that girl on the dance floor with the silver 2-toned belt ?"
"Orange dyed hair ? Yeah. You don't want to mess with her. I heard from others that she's a real sluth."
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by dw8177 June 19, 2017
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A slutty sloth that has sex with all the male sloths in the area.
That sluth is so loose she "gets around" faster than she gets around.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
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To be sneaky in a way that allows you to find out information with out any one knowing. Often with the aid of such internet web sites like my space and face book.
'I was such a sluth last nigh I found out franks week end plans with out even talking to him'
by Laura Fraser October 22, 2007
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A woman who has many casual sexual partners and has low standards of cleanliness. A slut.
She's such a sluth!
Biggest sluth at this party man.
That many sluths aye.
This sluth is so keen.
im gonna fuck that sluth.
by crut July 16, 2014
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