Slang term for a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.
Did you see that ricer Civic with the slushbox? He was letting off the gas every time it shifted to make it look like he was driving a stick.
by Matt January 18, 2004
slang term for an automatic transmission, possibly because the transmission connects the engine to the drive shaft using a fluid instead of a solid plate
Why would you get a sports car with a slushbox? They shouldn't even sell them without a stick shift.
by wfaulk December 20, 2005
You can get the BMW 330 in manual, as God intended, or with the slushbox.
by Cyde Weys February 22, 2012
Slang for uncool.
The opposite of clutch.
Often used as a derogatory term.
Man, did you see that guy; what a slushbox.

That game is not clutch, its a slushbox.
by Robert/Dan March 3, 2005
A five-sided cuboid space that holds or collects a seemingly random assortment of uncontained resources intended for future alchemical use.
The pile on the right is for donations and the pile on the left goes in the slushbox.
by Dr. midnight October 22, 2009
When you mix cum and ice cream and bathe with people while fucking.
Guy 1: Wow dude, you reek.
Guy 2: Don't fuckin' judge me, I just tried a Slushbox
by balldeap October 6, 2019