1. A term of reference for a female humanoid. Generally a girl, usually blonde, wearing tight pants or skirt, drunken and looking for a degen to party with.

Usually saying something sludey like "Hey Fuzz, lets go to the Pak and Save convenience mart and purchase a cheap cask of wine."

Sludes often travel in PACKS, in order to maximize levels of sludyness.
1. "Hey Fuzz check out that pack of sludes walking down the road!"
2. Lets go slude hunting!
3. "I LOVE SLUDES!" P. Jizzler
4. Lilley looks like a real slude tonight!
by ffmmmmfmm September 28, 2005
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the slutty oposite of a prude
Don't be a prude, be a slude.
by sludenumberone February 25, 2012
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(1) Sludge; shortened or incorrect way of spelling the word sludge.
(2) Young sludge; not quite sludge yet. See "slude monster".
"They saw a small pile of slude."
by Yui September 21, 2003
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A mix between a slut and a prude girl.
Megan E is such a slude, she wants to hu with every guy like Brian in the school bathrooms, but she wont show me her tits or model he panties.
by Bro With Flow November 27, 2010
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"You're too small to be a sludge monster - you're just a slude monster!"
by Yui September 21, 2003
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