They are not socks but they are not slippers they are warm yet lower on your foot than an ankle sock and they feel as flexible as a sock
Girl- these Slocks are so comfy and flexible but don't even have a thick sole
by Coolio19 April 22, 2015
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A Slock occurs when a woman is riding a man and queefs on his dick, this happens when the woman is really wet.
Girl 1: "I was riding Tony last night and I totally slocked on his dick!"
Girl 2: "My boyfriend loves when I slock all over him."
by JewQueef June 27, 2017
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sock, with an L added to it. See your a douche
Man dont make me slap you with my slock.

Im going to rock out with my slock out
by Tra February 08, 2004
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A male slut also known as a slut with a cock.
That slock has five babies and four baby's mammas.
by Jamie Pheloney April 09, 2005
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