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Dating as far back as 2007, The Yiddish word 'Sloat' is used to describe an individual who is drawlin hard, so they commit a bank robbery and get caught because they wrote the note to the teller demanding money on their own deposit slip, with their account information.
Ron-Yo I'm drawlin man I'm gonna rob this bank

Rom-Aight man just don't pull a Sloat knowmsayin?
by ahymcuddy August 17, 2010
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A name meaning talented whore/slut which is used to playfully tease a friend, especially a slightly slutty friend, or someone who also knows what it means.
Mary: You're SUCH a sloat Joan. *laughs*
Joan: Oh, I know! *grins proudly*
by Nasuoni March 05, 2006
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1) A lethargic, slightly thicker, highly promiscuous, woman who also wears Uggs during summer with unfitted mini-skirts as a fashion statement. This individual could be be more sexually active if they were not stifled by their sheer laziness.

2) A street in southwest San Francisco
1)That girl over by the bus stop, she's such a sloat.

2)Bro, that girl from last night - "yeah, what girl?" Well, you made out with her on the pool table and she's pretty much the biggest sloat in the Marina. "oh damn, that's my third sloat this week!"

3) What's up, Sloat?
by Mia Aaron October 04, 2012
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