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The act of "sloating" is replacing a common word or words from a song to "sloat." This practice began in the summer of 2012 and is in honor of the great James Sloat, who among many famous accomplishments, is known as the world's worst text responder of all time.
An example of Sloating would be as follows: When listening to the song "Let Me Put My Love into You" by ACDC, replace the word "Love" with "Sloat," so the lyric will now be "Let Me Put my Sloat into You."

Also, replacing common words like "stop" with "Sloat" when playing a drinking game. For example, saying "Sloat" as opposed to "Stop" during Beer-Ball (which is a game also commonly referred to as Drunk Ball).
by The_BFD July 23, 2012
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First coined by a rapper 'booty busche' and his home skillet, the 'golden retriever,' in a froyo shop during a crazy night in New York, which included adventure time and the consumption of a mario mushroom, "Sloating" is...
V. The act of being utterly awesome; chivalrous, honorable, honest, strong, fun, respectable and respectful, courageous and above all, sexy, desirable and swaggalicious. There's no better way of putting it, but when a person's SLOATING (ability to sloat) is so good, they are respected enough to be deemed a 'sloat'...The next level up from that is known as a 'sexy sloat', and after that you're known as a 'sloater'. Many Kudos to you. You'll be getting more than winks at this stage.
Broski: Dude let's go rock some boats?!?!
Dude: Brochad, how bout we go sloat some boats?
Broski: Now that's sloating...Is Jensen ready?
Dude: Mr. Busche is ;) may I take your order mam?
Dudette: Of course ;)... you're fine a sloater Ernie
by Brodacious Bo January 02, 2013
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